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5 Ways to Optimize the Android Mobile Phone

5 Ways to Optimize the Android Mobile Phone, So that the Mobile Phone is no Longer Slow



1. Any time to clear the back of the implementation of the APP

Android phone slow down for many reasons, every day the phone will execute a lot of APPs, after use we will jump back to the desktop, but back to the desktop does not mean APP has been closed, but continue to perform in the background, over time will Slow down our phone speed, so remember to clear the execution of the APP program at any time.

Press the menu key of the phone function column, it will show all the current background of the implementation of the APP program, press the trash can icon to clear all the implementation of the APP.

2. Periodically check the internal storage space:

Phone most of the space is the music, photos and other information, from taking up too much storage space is also one of the reasons our phone slows down, so we must regularly to Settings -> Advanced Settings -> memory and storage space look Whether the storage space inside the phone is full.

3. Regularly clear APP’s cache:

When the operation of the APP will be left in the process of cache records, accumulated as long as the cause of the reasons for mobile phone Dayton, so often have to light up the cache Oh! Settings -> Applications -> select APP -> storage space , you can manually clear the cache.

4. Reboot Regularly:

One day Allen dad response phone call when the microphone came the noise, completely unable to hear each other’s voice, thought the phone was broken, the results … mobile phone reboot and then returned to normal, before the phone can change the battery when a few days Will restart the machine once, but now the battery are built in the phone we often ignore the re-boot steps, may not have a reboot of a month, if possible, as soon as possible once a week to restart the machine once again, so that the system is also restarted once.

5. Avast Cleanup compresses your phone photos to make your phone more space:

Allen think Avast Cleanup this compressed photo APP very good use, he can compress the photos inside our phone, connect the cloud space, the original photos uploaded to the cloud space backup, so that the photo backup, the phone space is also empty out The

APP Name: Avast CleanupAndroid

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