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Google AdSense Secret Tips and Tricks To Improve Your Earnings

Google AdSense Secret Tips

Google AdSense is a network of affiliates launched by Google that allows site publishers with a certain amount of traffic to show Google ads and turn traffic to your site into revenue. If a site joins Google AdSense to become a Google content publisher, my blog has joined AdSense for a long time, and today I’ve introduced some of the ideas and tricks I’ve used in the AdSense process for your reference.

The format of the ad is important:

You should set the ad to display text, but also show the format of the picture because the targeted delivery of the ads is a lot of picture format, and targeted delivery of the unit price is much higher than the average price. The preferred format is 300X250, 250X250 and 200X200.

The eCPM gap in different languages is amazing:

I have created an English blog to observe the gap between eCPM in different languages, I found that the gap between Chinese and English is bigger than I thought, according to my English blog above data show that the US traffic for the English AdSense ads click Generated eCPM and Chinese traffic click on the Chinese AdSense ad eCPM price is not a quantitative level, the gap is very large. However, the Chinese traffic is similar to the eCPM generated by the English AdSense ad click, which is probably due to the Smart Pricing decision of Google AdSense, so please do not try to guide the Chinese traffic to click on the English ad.

Reduce invalid clicks to improve clickthrough rate:

Reduce the number of invalid clicks by users, and maximize your ad clickthrough rate, which can improve eCPM. Using text to surround your ad is a great way to improve your clickthrough rate. Trying to trick a user into clicking on an ad is a foolish act.

The ad unit should not be too much:

According to the results of my own blog test, put an ad unit is enough, put too many ad units, affecting the page clean, and the overall price may not be improved, put an ad unit is an often better unit price.

High-quality content construction:

Content is also a very important factor, good quality content users tend to stay a long time, advertising click rate is higher, and good content is often easy to get someone else’s targeted delivery, my moonlight blog there are many targeted deliveries Of the ads, according to my observation, directed ads tend to have a high eCPM, will make the overall price to be improved. So it’s a great way to improve the quality of your blog posts by spending some extra effort on writing high-quality original articles or translating articles. Do not reprint someone else’s blog.

Different promotion is very different:

Some referral rate and conversion rate is very high, and some referral is very low, for example, my blog AdSense referral rate is much higher than the AdWords.

Focus on official blogs:

Finally, look at the official Chinese blog of AdSense, learn about the latest official developments and program policies, and the official news has the greatest authority, and they do not do things that are forbidden.

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